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We provide a comprehensive tuning service, including modular upgrades to fuel and ignition systems, which can be easily complemented with high flow air filters and free flow `decat` exhaust systems.

The main stay of our tuning is the Rapidbike Tuning System;

These high quality add-on modules provide fast adjustments to the engine management system without the need to  physically change any of the data contained within the original ECU.

The Rapid bike product range provides a solution for all tuning requirements:

• RAPID BIKE EASY, equipped with a microprocessor which directly manages the lambda sensor signal to optimise the air/fuel ratio, improve the engine efficiency and eliminate the torque and power gaps typical of the low and medium rpm range.

• RAPID BIKE EVO, puts you in total control of fueling operations as it is directly connected to all stock injectors (up to eight) while managing at the same time the corresponding air/fuel ratio. This ensures carburator values can be modified throughout the entire engine power delivery curve.

• RAPID BIKE RACING represents the highest level of technology available to achieve top performance, by offering the widest range of solutions for demanding professional track riders and street users. Starting from the new standards set by Rapid Bike EVO, RACING module is designed to manage additional and innovative features setting new and unmatched standards within this competitive arena.


Take a close look at the map values*:

All other brands of add-on modules claim to modify the injection values, but in reality Rapid Bike is the only one allowing you to confidently modify your bikes parameters and achieve consistent results by re-mapping the most critical section of the power delivery curve, that is the range of low and medium rpm where the lambda sensor is in full control of fueling parameters.

The graph’ blue area is defined by other brands as ‘closed loop area’ and remains ‘off-limits’ for the rider since no real modifications of injection values in this area can be made.
Rapid Bike technology puts you in full control of the bike, without any of the constraints or limitations traditionally encountered by other tuning products. Rapidbike offers you a powerful software tool to modify and improve your bike performance in every riding conditions.
Note; Rapidbike software is for windows operation system only.


The amount of air coming through the engine (intake) and mixed with fuel is affected by different factors such as altitude, temperature and pressure: this is the reason why bike performance is likely to change considerably with often disappointing performance for the rider.


As electronics have became more and more popular for engine management, it has become necessary to use a number of sensors to control the fuel being injected and to maintain an optimal / balanced carburation. Bike manufacturers have adopted the lambda sensor installed on the exhaust system to monitor the carburation values in order to comply with increasingly restrictive anti-pollution regulations – consequently, this system represented a real constrain for the engine as it is forced to run with very lean fuel mixture. This often manifests itself in the real world on the road as surging, hunting, jerky throttle response and often a feeling of flat spots in the lower rev range.

The lambda sensor measures the air/fuel ratio, analysing the amount of air detected in the exhaust gases for each unit of gasoline. The OEM ECU (Engine Control Unit) managing the engine receives the air/fuel measure from the lambda sensor to compare it with the value pre-set in its memory; in this way the ECU can determine whether the air/fuel ratio is too lean or too rich and takes the proper measures to modify the amount of fuel being injected. This is why the lambda sensor system is perceived as a problem, because it causes the to engine to display poor throttle reaction and sudden power gaps.


Rapid Bike technology is innovative because it modifies the lambda sensor signal rather than trying to eliminate it – this modulation is dynamic and fully compatible with the new injection values set by the add-on module. This solution helps the whole system (OEM ECU + Rapid Bike add-on module) to be more reliable, and to prevent the benefits of this improved fueling from  being seen by the OEM ECU as a perceived  mistake which it then tries to compensate and fix.

The Rapid Bike module changes the amount of injected fuel (as it controls directly up to 8 injectors) while modulating at the same time the lambda sensor signal in such a way that OEM ECU will not detect any difference in the air fuel ratio, rather it will read a value matching the pre-set AFR standards. This innovative solution is not currently available on any module produced by other tuning manufacturers.


Additional advantage of this system are the ability to stabilise the best fueling values reached by using the add-on module, a system which harmonises and complements the OEM ECU and its pre set working criteria. The new and innovative autoadaptive feature allows Rapid Bike modules to compare the air/fuel ratio target value (set within the module’s map) with the signal reported by the stock lambda sensor. The result of this continuous comparison determines whether the fuel being injected needs to be increased or decreased, which ensures the engine always delivers its best performance.


The advantage of the Rapid bike system is even more useful when performing additional modifications to the bike (such as the installation of a free-flow air filter or a racing exhaust system) requiring the injection map to be modified – The Rapid Bike module is able to develop and implement these changes automatically, while the rider is using the bike.
Rapid Bike overcomes the “old idea" that a pre set injection map, most commonly developed on a rolling road has to remain as a sterile and fixed software tuning solution . Our add-on modules offer the unique feature to develop an injection map by constantly adjusting it and making live time modifications without any need for additional external rolling road operations. 
This technology is very advanced because the Rapid bike module will complete the auto-remapping injection process within the parameters of a 120 mile ride even if the bike has started with a ‘zero’ value map.