Terms & Conditions 

RETURNS POLICY (from within the UK):

Our returns policy is as fair as we can make it, please read carefully...

All of our products carry a lifetime warranty, and for returns within the UK we will unquestionably accept a return and replace a part(s) if there is a proven fault or failure with the part(s) you have received.

If you are not fully satisfied with your part(s) once you receive them, please contact us and a return will be arranged, however unless there is a fault or failure with the part(s) in question, a refund for only the value of the original order will be issued once the return has been received and inspected here. Return postage cost will be met by yourself. (see below for refunding return postage)

If you wish to cancel your order based on a part fault or failure, we completely understand and a full refund will be issued including your original and return postage charge, once we have received the returned part(s). (see below for refunding return postage)

If you do not wish to cancel your order, a replacement part will be prepared and posted to you completely free of charge once the returned part(s) have been received and inspected, and your return postage will be refunded. (see below for refunding return postage)

All other parts returned for any other reason will be inspected upon receipt here, and all return postage will be met by yourself (see below for refunding return postage)

Damage caused to the part(s) during attempted or test installation, your careless handling, or return transit will not be accepted and a refund will only be given if unused and undamaged parts are returned as new complete with their respective full installation kits.

We will provide photo evidence in the event of a refund for both the part(s) and/or the return postage (if it qualifies in your particular case) being refused due to damage to the returned part(s).

A full refund or exchange of parts will be offered in the very unlikely event that you receive an incorrect part from us, your return postage will be refunded in this case. (see below for refunding postage)

In all other cases, return postage charges will be met by yourself, and it will be entirely your responsibility to ensure the safe transit of the returned part(s) so that they are received here undamaged, otherwise no refund will be issued.

If you provide us with incorrect details for shipping, or are not around at the delivery address to sign for it, if through no fault of ours your parcel is bounced back to us as a result and we are handed additional handling and delivery charges, these charges will be passed on to you as well as re-postage charges, before a re-post is arranged, without exception.

All returned parts are required to be complete with their respective installation kits and accompanying paper invoice, otherwise we will not know from whom or where the return has come, and no refund can be arranged.

We will not accept a return for, nor reimburse, under any circumstances for any part(s) damaged due to careless handling, poor repackaging (for purposes of returning it to us), misuse and/or incorrect installation and/or any deviation from our recommended installation guide! Nor will we be responsible for any damage caused to any other part(s) or your or anyone else' machine due to mishandling, careless or incorrect installation of our product(s). An exchange of parts may be offered to you in such cases, but all preparation and postage fees, including posting you a replacement part(s), will be be met by yourself. 

If you are returning a part(s) to us, either from within the UK or otherwise, all parts are required to be returned in as new condition. This means the part(s) must be absolutely unmarked and undamaged. If anything is returned with damage of any kind, this includes, marks, scuffs, scratches, chips, dents, bends, or anything else otherwise broken and/or missing in any other way, and we either have to remake the part(s), rework the part(s), or the part(s) have to be sent for blasting off and re powder coating - ALL EXPENSES FOR ANY RE WORKING/REFURBISHING OF ANY PART(S) THAT WE HAVE TO UNDERTAKE, AND/OR ALL CHARGES FOR ANY POWDER COATING REWORK PLUS OUR ADDITIONAL EXPENSES WILL HAVE TO BE PAID BY YOU IN ADVANCE OF ANY OTHER ARRANGEMENT AND/OR EXCHANGE OF PART(S).

Refunding return postage:

There are only two circumstances for which we will refund return postage, which is A) due to a part(s) fault or failure. And B) you have received an incorrect order from us for whatever reason.

Under only those two instances will we refund your return postage, and for both instances we will require you to use Royal Mail second class signed for when you return said part(s) or otherwise a suitable courier with tracking information, and we will also require photo evidence of the postage receipt with corresponding tracking number in order to claim a refund for return postage, and once the return has been received and inspected, we will then refund your return postage.

We will not, under any other circumstances refund your return postage.

Returns from outside of the UK:

Due to Brexit, and new customs laws, we generally are no longer able to accept returns from outside of the UK, unless you have received and incorrect order. This is the only reason we can accept any return from outside of the UK. If you are anywhere outside of the UK and you have received our products and for any reason they are faulty or have failed, you must contact us and we will go through everything one to one with you and a refund may be issued pending photo evidence of the fault and/or failure. But either way, no return can be accepted.

Receiving damaged goods:

A great deal of care is taken to ensure you receive your part(s) in the perfect condition you will rightfully be expecting, and we often pay higher shipping charges in relation to what you were charged on your order. This is because we take the extra time and materials, to make sure we pack your part(s) as good as they can reasonably be to ensure they stand the best chance of survival against Royal mail and/or any other couriers' careless handling practices. This means a longer packing time, extra materials, and a larger, heavier parcel = higher postage charge for us, which we never pass on to customers.
However, in the extremely unlikely event that you receive your goods from us and they have become damaged in the post despite our extended efforts, we will replace the part for you free of charge, however the damaged part(s) will have to be returned to us and we will not be able to cover your return postage charge, as although we accept the damage is not your fault, please consider that it also isn't ours either, and we will already be replacing the part at our cost and posting it free of charge.

Loss of part(s) in post during return shipping:

Should you need to return a part(s) to us for any reason, it will be entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate parcel tracking. If you are returning a part to us for any reason and it becomes lost in the post and neither yourself nor us are able to track it due to your having only basic entry level postage, this will overwrite any previous arrangement be it verbally or in writing (including our main policy above) and we will not under any circumstances issue any refund for anything until the part is received here. If in the event of us refunding your postage for whatever reason, we will insist on having tracked and signed for postage without exception, and a proof of postage and tracking number will always be asked for. (see above for refunding return postage)

Replacing lost or damaged part(s) or components:

We understand that during the natural course of daily use, some parts may become damaged, lost or even stolen. We will always be as supportive and as helpful as we possibly can in these circumstances. However please understand that it is entirely your own responsibility to ensure that you have installed our products as securely as recommended or better, so as to prevent loss or theft. We will not be held responsible for any such occurrence, and all replacements will have to be paid for in full. In most cases we have listings for full replacement fastener kits available on our website for minimal prices.

With damage resulting from normal daily use or unsightly wear, the majority of our products are made from either very high grade 304 stainless steel or aluminium, so they will never rust or corrode and will last indefinitely, however the optional powder coated finish on some products, such as our engine covers, radiator guards, and headlight guards for example, protective devices in high impact areas, will over time suffer from what we call "road rash". This is an unavoidable fact of motorcycling, and it is what our protective devices are there for, to take the brunt of it instead of your bike, and over time and use, the surface will become marked and dull, probably even lightly damaged too, but in most cases we should be able to repair/recondition your part(s) for you to bring them back to as new condition or as close as possible, all for minimal pricing which will be arranged on a one to one basis, and all postage charges will be met by yourself.

We sincerely apologise, but for those of you outside the UK, I'm afraid we cannot offer you this service due to the heavy import duties, unless you are happy to pay these duties. Please contact us beforehand.

*Refund policy only available from UK and EU (excluding exceptional circumstances)