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Re: Club bespoke radiator & oil cooler covers
by flyinscot on Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:10 pm

Hi All

I am the bloke who has been doing Marks testing for him and just to give it some provinance , I have some Rider qualifications as well as mechanical expertise.

I am an I.A.M trainer,Bike safe trainer,ROSPA (GOLD), Police Advanced class 1 on road and off road, Some city and guilds quals in construction and use as well as prohibition. I have over 20 years of riding experience on a vast array of machines from off road 125 up to Kawasaki 1400. I cover about 20k a year on a bike doing a huge mixture of rural and motorway and sometimes usually once per year somewhere on the continent.

I have tried both sets of the Rad and oil covers covering two weeks of moderate to hard riding during our last heat wave and did not have any issue with overheating. I stuck in town for an hour on one of the days just to try and get it to overheat but once the fan kicked in it was fine. I am not using the covers with the bigger holes but haven't had a problem with either though if you feel there is an issue then go for the larger holes.

Not only do they offer fantastic protection that will never rust but they look great and really make your machine stand out.

I have also tried the spacer after carrying out some research which I will share for the benefit of the forum. 20 Year SUZUKI DEALER TOLD ME THAT THEY ARE AWARE OF THE PROBLEM HOWEVER AS A CHAIN (TYPE DEPENDENT IE STANDARD, O RING) with rigorous maintenance should last between 20-40k and at that time you should also change your sprockets ( sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs ). Suzuki class this as FAIR wear and Tear therefore never bothered to try and rectify or fleet recall the machines. I personally had never noticed a problem and as this is the 3rd Suzuki I have owned, I assumed that it was a characteristic.

However once the spacer was fitted you could have knocked me off the bike with a feather,I could not believe the difference, no more clunk ,even when you engage first gear on idle there is barely a sound. All changes much smother. Tried it on Motorway, rural roads and a little bit of off road ( only about 10 miles ) also tried gear changes with and with out clutch still sweet as a nut. This will have the added effect of extending my chain and sprocket life as well as rear Tyre and also make the bike even more economical to run ( albeit negligble ).

Hope this helps

Topic: Cymarc Bike Parts = Amazing Customer Service
Tubby Graver -
March 03 2019

Evening all

I need to tell you a little story ...

We recently ordered a radiator guard for my Wee off Cymarc via their website. My bike is the 2018 DL650. The guard on their website was for a 2014> so I contacted Cymarc beforehand to ensure it would fit. I was informed there had been no changes to the radiator design,  so yes it would

The guard arrived and of I went into my garage to fit it last weekend. After an amount of huffing and puffing I came to the conclusion it was the incorrect size (about 10mm too short and the fixing brackets in the wrong position). I contacted Cymarc to let them know and ask for a refund if I sent it back

Both Mike & Mark at Cymarc offered a full refund, but also offered to ride up to Scarborough, measure up my bike, and make the guard to specifically fit the 2018 model. Instead of waiting for a measure, I offered to ride down to Scunthorpe so it could all be done in their premises. The only problem is that as I work full time the only spare days I have are at weekends. Cymarc are closed at weekends

This wasn’t a problem for Mark. We agreed a date (this weekend) and Mark and his team came to work on Saturday with the full intention of measuring up my bike, designing a guard to fit, making prototypes, seeing if these would fit, then manufacturing the full laser cut finished item, polishing up and fitting. All this was done on Saturday morning and the bike was ready to ride away by 1pm with the shiny new guard fitted

The level of customer service I received was phenomenal, all for a small item only costing around £50. Would I have had this level of service if I had ordered from Ebay, abroad, distributors etc. ? I doubt it. Supporting small independent British Engineering firms is so important not only for the local economy but for the biking community as a whole. Where will we be if we lose companies like this due to lack of custom ? I have learned a lot about what else Cymarc do in terms of custom bike parts and can’t recommend them highly enough

Story over, enjoy your evening

The story explains itself...
Posted 04-03-19 - Suzuki Vstrom Owners UK Facebook page