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Seized Exhaust Butterfly Valve Service

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£229.17 (ex. VAT)
We are now very proud to be able to offer an exhaust valve service to rectify this seemingly common problem of seized butterfly valves within the header pipe. This problem results in some loss of low to mid range power and can cause stalling. BMW’s answer is to replace the full header assembly at a cost of around £1,500.
 We will charge £250 (including VAT) and this will get you the following;
 1. A printed diagnostic to confirm the fault (call us and we will talk you through how to check).
 2. A strip down of the exhaust and a service of the butterfly assembly. This will result in the valve moving freely. 
 3. A final printed diagnostic to prove the repair (which you can visually see too!).

 On the attached vids you will see the seized pulley - if you look carefully you will see the Bowden cable tensioning as the ignition cycles as it tries to move the pulley and operate the exhaust valve. On the vid following servicing you will see the pulley opening and closing the valve as god intended! 
 Please be prepared to book your bike in for several hours.