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S1000XR Lowering Kit & Fitting Service

S1000XR Lowering Kit & Fitting Service

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Having lived with the XR now for about a year I am absolutely thrilled with it`s speed and handling. I have had to make two changes to the bike however. One was getting it remapped to smooth out the `surging` - regretfully I couldn't`t do this `in house` even with my not insubstantial engineering resources.

The other thing I could do, however, was to put together a kit to lower the bike as at only 5`9" myself I have found it just a tiny bit high. I`have put together a kit made from high quality heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel parts which allows the bike to be lowered by around 15mm. There is a similar kit available from the States which claims the bike can be dropped by upto 4" (100mm in our money) but always respecting what others do I felt comfortable with around 15mm with a corresponding amount lowered at the front of the bike (to maintain the bike`s steering geometry/attitude - it`s always good to lower the front as well as the back).

For me the 15mm made a huge difference with no discernible detrimental effect on the handling of the bike. I also didn't`t need to have another side stand fitted as the bike leans waaaaay over anyway.

The rod ends I use are the best and most expensive I can find from a UK manufacturer (I support British Manufacturing wherever I can) being maint free and to the following high spec:

Rod end housing: Stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304). Joint Ball: Stainless steel 1.4412, hardened and ground, surface polished. Race: nylon/teflon/glass compound. All other parts are also high quality stainless steel as previously mentioned and cost me nearly £100 per set.
The two turnbuckles are NOT mass produced, they are machined to order (In the UK) at a much longer length than standard to give much more strength and resistance to shear forces.

This kit along with fitting at my well equipped facility is only available through appointment. I only use professional automotive tools, equipment and products. The original BMW fasteners are retained and reused for the kit and I only use the highest quality thread lock being 3M TL70 Scotch-Weld to ensure the fasteners do not unintentionally loosen. This is also the best thread lock money can buy at around £100 for 50ml.

You can buy a similar kit from the States for about £150 (plus P&P&Import Tax) and you `do it yourself` if you wish but you really do need a workshop, ramp & good tools to do the installation properly. I am always available to advise over the phone if you take this route and chose DIY but I wouldn't`t recommend it unless you really know what you are doing.

If you want me to do it personally & professionally (it`s not as straightforward as you may think) you will need to allow me to have your bike for up to a full day during which I will treat it as my own bike and take every care with it. The job should only take around 4 hours but I`d rather have a full day on it (at no extra cost to you the customer of course) just in case I come across any problems.

To summarise, the price includes the kit required to lower the rear of the bike by around 15mm and to lower the front of the bike by a corresponding amount including fitting at my facility.

The photo`s show:
1. My lowered XR at my facility.
2. The kit fitted to the bike.
3. The kit alongside the OEM part it replaces.

If you wish to order please do so and then contact me by email or phone on 07715 681911 to arrange an appointment to come along and have it fitted.
This kit also fits the factory lowered bike and can lower the bike a further 15mm (maximum!) if required.

This is the latest version with much longer turnbuckles (than the American version) designed to give more sectional strength to the threaded bar by leaving the minimum thread exposed.



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