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S1000XR Belly Pan in black powder coating

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At the time of designing this I am led to believe that a belly pan for the XR, which could be fitted in conjunction with a Centre stand, was not possible (I certainly cloud`t find one for sale anywhere). This was due to the very tight clearances around the cat when the Centre stand was operated. Its taken me a long time to get it right but I have now solved the problem with a belly pan that fits snug to the cat while leaving enough room for through air ventilation and full operation of the stand with no rubbing.

It certainly enhances the looks of the bike in this lower area and also provides a cover for the cat where chain lube would normally hit the cat and stain it.

It comes in two main parts, made in aluminium for lightness, which are held in place by two sturdy brackets which have been very accurately CNC formed along with all of the parts being laser profiled to ensure amazing accuracy down to +/- 0.2mm. I`ve purposely avoided normal `panel fasteners` (the ones you normally find on fairings etc) and used mechanically inserted `rivnuts` to attach all the parts together. These far surpass even the standard BMW clip type fasteners for strength.

The two sturdy stainless steel side panel brackets locate onto strong M8 fastening points which also hold the cat in place. There is a third front fitted bracket to further ensure security of the belly pan. Luckily there is an engine casting hole which is perfect for tapping to M6 (no drilling required, just tapping) for the front bracket to locate on. Although some may not feel confident about tapping a hole (or even ever done it before!) most garages or workshops can do this for you (its about a ten minute job) or if you wish to travel to me, I do offer a fitting service. It comes with very good instructions in any case.

I also supply a piece of heat resistant material which has a very strong adhesive on it - this allows you to cut any shape you wish to place on the inner sides of the pan where it may come in very close proximity to the cat. One of the images shows what shapes I cut out for the one I have fitted to my XR along with the side brackets fitted just to show where they go when the pan is in place.

If you order it will be made and sent by a courier rather than `standard mail` as I have no wish to leave such an expensive bit of kit in the hands of some postal services!

Please note this has not been confirmed to fit with the 2020 model bike. Please contact us to arrange a sale or return if you are still interested,
Thank you.

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