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R1250GS(A) Pillion Seat Clip On/Off Utility Box (also fits Rallye)

£203.50 (ex. VAT)
BMW R1250GS(A) Pillion Seat Clip On Off Utility Box | Rallye Pillion Seat Storage | Pillion Luggage Rack
BMW R1250GS(A) Pillion Seat Clip On Off Utility Box | Rallye Pillion Seat Storage | Pillion Luggage Rack
BMW R1250GS(A) Pillion Seat Clip On Off Utility Box | Rallye Pillion Seat Storage | Pillion Luggage Rack
BMW R1250GS(A) Pillion Seat Clip On Off Utility Box | Rallye Pillion Seat Storage | Pillion Luggage Rack
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One of our very popular products, edited for the new R1250GS (and the Rallye)

This is something I have been mulling over for literally years (since the latest R1200 LC model was launched in fact). I`ve always considered the placement of a box on the pillion seat plate as a good idea as most of us simply do not carry passengers (most of the time) and the space is therefore wasted. However, a box that could clip on and off easily would still provide the option of putting the seat back on quickly if needed.

Getting it to interface well with the BMW pillion seat holding mechanism has always been a difficulty with previous attempts not being as good as I would like. Simply bolting the box in place might have sufficed but this does not allow for the easy clip on/off facility!

So, I decided to get stuck in over one Xmas (you can only eat so much turkey) and at last and after many prototypes I have finally come up with a solution that is, possibly, one of the best there is currently available. What I did was take one of the best on the market (An American design - which btw I thought was really good!) and then get  involved with the lads on the UKGSER forum - I`m also a member of this damn fine forum. What they (kindly) did was make a great deal of suggestions on how to improve the original design which allowed me to evolve the product.

In this case getting significant numbers of bikers (like me) involved directly with R&D of a new product has produced positive results allowing me to produce a product as good as it could be as quickly as possible.

It has been designed to make maximum use of the space available but without being `too big`. Panniers and top box can still be fitted if need be.

The result is a utility box that has balanced price with high quality that offers the following features;
  • Interfaces with the BMW OEM locking mechanism for same key fitting and removal (clip on/off).
  • High quality lock for security.
  • 2mm aluminium construction - light but very strong (most other boxes/panniers are made from thinner material).
  • High quality machined locating spigot.
  • Powder coated.
  • Tig welded corners, CNC pressbrake formed sides.
  • Made in the UK by craftsmen.
I`ve got one of the last prototypes fitted to my GS and it clips on and off beautifully in seconds. Each box has two small drain holes just in case any water does get in (though there is a seal around the lid) and these holes can also be used for wires if you want to put any radio gear in the box for example.

It can be utilised for a number of uses, (hence the utility description) one use would be to mount a bike intercom system in it, for example. Or just as an option to using panniers if you are going for a short ride out somewhere.

All the parts, hinges etc, are individually bolted on to allow for replacement if necessary using stainless steel fasteners. 

To see how easy and quickly it clips on and off please search YouTube for `Fitting Cymarc Utility Box to R1200GSA LC Using BMW OEM lock` to watch the video. (it fits the same on the old bike aswell)

Internal Dimensions:


310mm x 245mm x 85mm

Compartmentalised Variant:
Compartment 1: 217mm x 107mm x 85mm
Compartment 2: 233mm x 98mm x 85mm
Compartment 3: 245mm x 103mm x 85mm

Compartmentalised Variant

This variant is very handy if the box is used to hold radio or charging equipment. The hole in the bottom allows the routing of cable and the baffles allow equipment to be kept separated. The baffles are removable to allow cables to be routed through the central cut-out

Personalised Variant

Brilliant as gifts, we will take most designs you give us and program our laser to precision laser etch them onto a 1mm Stainless Steel plate which we will then bolt onto the lid.

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Great quality - only gave 4 stars because they forgot nutlock on the lock locking screw

Great quality - take your time adjusting it correctly for rear seat position. Fitted mine to rear position.

Gave 4 stars because mine had the lock fell apart after a few hundred miles.

Please make sure that lock screw has been fitted with nut-clock gel…..

Luckily I had partitions so no parts lost down middle cable hole…. But worth checking

Andrew | Kent | June 2021

Great piece of kit

Purchased the pillion utility box for my 1250gs Rallye, went for the extra deep version(115mm) in white. Took a bit of fiddling to get it set up to clip on and off and feel solid when fitted but got it sorted. Very well made, well painted , it's not too high for use or the overall look of the bike and white fits well with the Rallye paint scheme

Steve Dorman | Exeter | September 2020