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R1250GS Number Plate Carrier Box (also fits Rallye)

R1250GS Number Plate Carrier Box (also fits Rallye)

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This was a product which I had been mulling over for literally years. What was on the market for the R1200 was either made from plastic or simply too big. Using an alternative design method and making it for the 1250 (and 1200) we believe we`ve come up with something exclusive compared to other number plate boxes currently on the market.

So, I set about designing something not too big as to overstress the carrying bracket itself (The bracket is only designed to carry a number plate!) yet big enough to be useful.

What I came up with was the best compromise in size and usefulness. The next problem was material, I had decided on 1.5mm aluminium for lightness however the problem then was during TIG welding we noticed that, as expected, the box was warping with the heat. This problem was made worse by the unavoidable gaps being left after CNC pressbrake folding, requiring filling with weld. It was also very labour intensive to manufacture.

At this point both Aaron and Mick got heavily involved with the development and with all our heads together we came up with the idea of using laser profiled bending `slits` to not only give us precise bends but also to provide a sealing edge where the two edges of the slit came together. Strength was provided by bending tabs and the minimum of welding thereby avoiding heat distortion, whilst retaining strength.

Following a heavy powder coat in satin black we`ve produced an item that is not only strong, visually square and precise but also weatherproof. It`s also quicker to manufacture and ensures much higher quality control than other conventional methods.

It fits onto the number plate carrier using high quality stainless steel fasteners (supplied) and the number plate then simply fits onto the outer cover using the standard plastic fasteners. Please note it is for light loading only.


· Very strong yet light construction.

· High quality lock (key fits other Cymarc products).

· High quality hinges.

· Weatherproof sealing.

· Made and assembled in Great Britain.

· No drilling required, can be fitted in minutes.

Internal Dimensions:
170mm High x 220mm Wide x 51mm Deep

Top Tip!: Although every care has been taken to keep water out of this box, if you end up in a lake we can't promise your favourite book will stay bone dry (this also applies to heavy rain). If you were thinking of using this box to carry paper documents/ books and are worrying about water damage, trying putting them in a waterproof bag, and then in our box. works for us!



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