R1200R LC High Level Satnav Mount

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If you have a BMW OEM satnav fitted to your new R1200R LC then it`s highly likely it has been fitted onto the handlebar clamp. This is all well and good but it means that the rider has to look down, taking their eyes off the road, to read it.

My solution was to raise the satnav cradle up to just below eye line to allow the rider to glance down and see the satnav far easier and safer.

I`ve done this by designing an assembly strong enough to hold the cradle in place yet to give some adjustable movement to get the distance and angle correct for the specific rider. Once its all in position it`s just a matter of tightening up all the strong M8 fasteners to `lock` the assembly in place.

It`s all held in place using the 4 M5 locating points on the handlebar clamp (care has to be taken to tighten these up properly) and it`s been tested on a run from Lincolnshire to Scotland and it worked a treat. The first customer also tested it and was very pleased with the results.

There`s no drilling and the original lead reaches to the new position. It`s all made from strong thick stainless steel parts and stainless steel fasteners.

Here`s an unedited customer review on what I came up with......

BMW R1200R

The BMW R1200R is a brilliant machine. The consummate roadster with a silky smooth motor and capable of taking everything you can throw at it. It’s as techno-packed as any sportsbike. It’s great for touring, commuting and scratching.

However, on a recent tour to Portugal it became very apparent that the GPS on this bike is situated in the wrong place. It is low down necessitating the rider to look down for long periods when navigating. May as well stick a map down on the tank with tape!

The problem was that any rising of the GPS would cover the dash.

A search on Google and such like failed to produce anything.

Come in CYMARK. The brief was clear but certainly not simple!

Create a bracket / Brace that would position the GPS device high enough that the rider need merely lower their eyes slightly.

The brace and the device need to be positioned in such a way that the dash remains easily visible and clear of obstructions.

The device needs to be solid without vibration or movement.

A certain amount of flexibility or adjustability was needed for both angle and height to accommodate the difference in stature of any rider.

Lastly, in my humble opinion the bike is a great looker so I needed the brace to fit the aesthetics – in other words to look good and right and fitting.


This is a seriously well engineered piece of kit.

It looks stunning. It looks the part. It gives a certain amount of rugged appeal without detracting from the aesthetics of the bike. It certainly does not look “plonked” on or simply bodged. The brace makes the bike look as though it is also meant for big travels.

The acid test - does it work? - Yes! I adjusted it for me and then I adjusted it for my very much smaller wife. Easy to adjust and it worked for both of us.

No wobble or vibration. Solid as a rock!

Usability was 100% - We both could ride and navigate with ease. No head lowering. Simple drop eyes, read and back to road seamlessly! The dash board remained fully visible with no clutter or obstruction.

This is no bodge. The kit will certainly last the length. It has raised conversation on a number of occasions already and we have only used it for two weeks.

  1. love it when I can get a piece of kit that simply works and also looks the part. This is it.

Thank you CYMARK

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