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R1200GS(A) LC Radiator Protectors

£66.67 (ex. VAT)
R1200GS(A) LC Radiator Protectors
R1200GS(A) LC Radiator Protectors
R1200GS(A) LC Radiator Protectors
R1200GS(A) LC Radiator Protectors
R1200GS(A) LC Radiator Protectors
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These are the original protectors designed for the GS but now for the GSA and Rallye and in black.

It seems that BMW provide their GS Rallye with rad guards but not the GSA Rallye with them! Why, we don`t know! Anyway a fellow biker said that he can`t get any aftermarket ones to fit either, and would we want to see if we can make ours fit? Within an hour he had his bike on my ramp (photo) and yes ours do fit!​​​​​​​

Every now and then I come up with what I believe is not only a useful bit of kit but also a work of art. These radiator protectors are absolutely lovely (I guess I would say that but they are!). I tried several designs before I settled on this one, they happen to be the most visually stunning, complex, the most difficult and longest to make. Each part is hand smoothed to give it a quality feel and individual finish - no two are the same.

To get to the final design I took what I considered to be the best (and most expensive) on the market and tried to improve on it. Certainly, the best on the market was very well made but I figured I could improve on the fit which surprisingly wasn`t as good as I might have expected from the market leader. My radiator protectors fit very well indeed.

I also have tried to improve on the function - most radiator protectors tend to lay `flat` against the cooling surface so I designed the protector to have panels which can be formed `out`. What this does is improve on the airflow (by pushing the protecting surface away from the cooling surface) and also afford a good level of protection. What this design also does is allow any impact to be absorbed by the panel, as it springs in, rather than transmit the full impact energy directly to the radiator. The panels can be reset using the supplied angle checker.

Although the protectors do not cover 100% of the radiator I feel that I have reached a very good compromise between maximum cooling and not unreasonable protection.

They are made from high quality stainless steel and are made individually by craftsmen - myself, Mick or Aaron - these items are not mass produced yet made with love, care and pride in Great Britain!

They come with full fitting instructions written by bikers for bikers. They are easy to fit, using the current fasteners and 3 fastening points.

Please note, BMW have changed the black plastic intake shroud on their 2014 model and this new design fits this latest BMW model of bike.
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Simon Weastell  /  Thirsk

Radiator Protectors

Quality product, well engineered and finished to an exceptional high standard. It was very easy to fit and the company responded to me on a couple of minor queries immediately, with great customer service.

Alan johnston  /  N Ireland

Radiator protectors

Excellent product well made and gives good protection to radiators