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R1200GS(A) LC Adjustable Screen Strengthening Brackets (Pair) in Black

R1200GS(A) LC Adjustable Screen Strengthening Brackets (Pair) in Black [star-value] Stars (4)

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Well, I got my new GSA and noticed straight away that on full extension the screen oscillates like a bugger when going over even the slightest rough surface. Now I`m sure this is absolutely fine but I prefer to have the screen stiffened up so it doesn`t flap around like a sail in a force ten gale.

So I`ve come up with a pair of brackets. Firstly I tried just the one bracket but the other side of the unsupported screen just carried on flapping away so I have made one for each side. The brackets anchor onto the lower screen brace assembly using two good M6 anchor points and extend up, cunningly curving around the satnav bracket. They then attach to a bracket (one each side) which bolts onto the screen itself. Its all held firmly in place by an adjustable thumb screw for easy and quick adjustment. There is no drilling by the way as the brackets all use existing mounting points.

Both assemblies are fully adjustable over the range of movement of the screen so all you have to do is get the screen to the right angle for you then fasten both thumb screws and the screen `wobbling` is drastically reduced!

Made in stainless including the fasteners with the fasteners on the bracket being `captive` to help with assembly.

check out what can happen without our brackets in the last image!


  • Weight: 0.3kg


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Patrick - USA5 Stars
Perfect fitment—excellent finish—better hardware than stock. Solves a really annoying problem—one that BMW should really have addressed themselves. Besides vibration I have found that the screen on my GSA lowers A LOT almost 2" due to air pressure at speed. I have to have it higher than I'd like to ride around town, and then when I get on a highway it's perfect... annoying! Problem is now solved.

If you are considering these brackets—check out the deal that includes these brackets plus pins and black deflector... I wish I had seen that before I bought just the brackets.
Dave - CA USA5 Stars
I am running an MRA Vario touring screen on my 2014 GSA during the winter and the downward pressure is too much for the stock brackets. Not only does the screen wobble but with the windscreen in the lower range of the stock adjustment the windscreen will lower to the point it contacts the GPS at highway speeds. After installing the Cymarc brackets the issue is gone. The windscreen is rock solid and I can now run it all the way down in the lowest setting. The brackets were easy to install and look great as well.
Fred - CA - USA5 Stars
Consistent with the other reviewers, I found the fitment and quality to be absolutely first rate. Really appreciate the thought and craftsmanship that went into the design and the fabrication. I'd highly recommend. Overall, super impressed with the products that Cymark makes and will be looking to purchase some of their other upgrades moving forward.
Torsten - Germany5 Stars
Passen perfekt und sehen dazu noch geil aus - ich fahre sie mit der großen Desierto Scheibe von Touratech - hält bombenfest !
Sehr zu empfehlen und klare Kaufempfehlung.