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R1200GS LC Digital Display Anti Theft Brace

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This part is unnecessary with and does not fit the new 2018 full LED option digital display. 
It will still fit the standard 2018 analogue clocks.

This was a project I took on to help some of us riders on the UKGSER forum (a good forum by the way). Some of the lads clocks had been stolen because BMW (in their infinite wisdom) had decided to secure the clocks with a very easily removed plastic clip. Consequently we were having our clocks stolen.

The replacement cost, from a BMW dealer, is in excess of £600 for the digital display unit!

So, I`ve designed a brace which fits over the clocks and secures onto 2 inner locating points on the left and right hand screen height adjusting assemblies. The brace then fits snugly around the outside of the clocks stopping them from being so easily removed. In fact tools would be required to remove the brace and its my opinion that the brace will deter most thieving scum who were hoping for a very easy and quick theft!

The brackets either side of the brace are slotted to allow a small amount of movement to accommodate the different inside dimensions of the screen height adjusting assemblies - this is because on the TE model the bike also includes the `satnav preparation` bracket which reduces this inner dimension. All you have to do is, depending on model, slightly adjust the side brackets to suit the internal gap - you will see what I mean when you come to fit the brace.

It`s made from 2mm thick stainless and in  my opinion is quite substantial, it comes with fasteners and also some neoprene strips to position between the brace and the plastic surround of the clocks to stop it marking the plastic and rattling against it from vibration. Its also available in black in the GSA LC section.

Hopefully, for a relatively small amount, this brace will deter most thefts.
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Robert KEITH Baldock  /  Little Sutton, Cheshire West

R1200GS LC Digital Display Anti Theft Brace

The instrument cluster on BMW's R1200GS model is held in place by a couple of simple to remove clips. Several riders over the years have told me that they had their units removed and stolen when the bike was parked. To replace a stolen unit with a unit from a breakers yard will cost several hundred pounds and to buy new from BMW nearer the thousand. For a few pounds Cymarc manufacture a brace that, once fitted, makes it difficult for a thief to remove at the roadside, enhances the look of the bike and is a visual deterrent.

When I enquired to purchase the managers at Cymark informed me that they were out of stock but promised to manufacture a brace in their workshop and it was delivered to my door within a week! That is called customer service!!

Please note the TFT Screen dash on latest GS models are held on with two small bolts and are even more expensive to replace, Cymark also have this covered with an anti theft brace!

Will highly recommend to all BMW riders. (Check out their website for a whole range of British Made fitments for a whole range of makes and models.

Keith Baldock - Secretary RoSPA Merseyside and South Lancashire Advanced Rider Group!