Guys, here`s a few sites I`d like to push (hence the links).

This one below is a new improved venture by someone I have known for a long time and is a really really decent geezer. He has other biker interests but this venture offers like-minded bikers a good, genuine and sincere place to stay with excellent new facilities. It`s also a lovely ride to the place if you approach from the North! I hope to get there sometime and if you can make it during one of the V Strom meetings then all the better as they are a great bunch of lads only let down by what they ride :)


The V-Strom owners club is a well established forum with a good bunch of lads as their members. Very helpful and run by a great geezer called Andy (he`s the administrator but sadly drinks like a pufta). I owe a lot to these guys as they started me off in my early years. Without doubt one of the best forums on the web for V-Strom.
Click on the link below.


This is a new-ish forum catering to a wider member base, specifically all adventure riders regardless of model of bike. Its run by Andy (from the V Strom site) so you know its a good forum.
Click on the link below


This place is fantastic, I recently stayed there myself. It was a very refreshing change to see a sincere focus on hospitality with, for once, commercial pressures taking a back seat to kindness and friendliness.