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GS/GSA LC Combined Rear Spray and Heat Deflector

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Made as a request from a customer; this product combines our rear spray (to minimise road spray from the rear) and our heat deflector (made originally for Akrapovics as they are known for melting plates!) into one product in order to minimise weight and make it a deal!

Heat Deflector

Have you had the Akra exhaust fitted? Is your number plate melting along the side from the hot exhaust gases?

Here`s the answer - A stainless steel deflector which stops the gases hitting the number plate.

Here`s how it works - As the heat dissipates through the assembly the strategically placed air holes allow the air stream to cool the material so that by the time the heat comes in contact with the plastic it won`t melt it!

Easy to fit, simply `sandwich` it in between the number plate and number plate carrier. No drilling and will avoid the cost of replacement number plates and the possibility of a tussle with the Boys in Blue over a non conforming number plate (it`s happened!).

Rear Spray Deflector

Following the success of the Front Engine Protectors, and after several kind requests I have come up with a Rear Spray Deflector. It is made, as usual, from quality stainless steel and hand finished by myself.

It fits directly behind the number plate and requires no drilling whatsoever to fit however there are 2 more holes on it if you wish to really secure it to your number plate.

Not only does it enhance the look of your R1200GSA but it also reduces the amount of road filth which is thrown up over the rear of the bike.

The plate itself also covers some of the rear of the number plate therefore protecting it from damage from stones thrown up from off-roading.

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Kevin Griffiths  /  Stoke on Trent

Very good 👍

Well engineered, quick delivery, fitted in 5 mins, works a treat and looks good.

Will be be ordering more items 😀

Nic Wood  /  SANDWICH

A really great product

I have a 2018 GS Adventure Rallye and noticed the number plate was starting to peel with the heat of the standard exhaust. The dealer suggested ‘They all do that’ but shrugged when I mentioned a replacement (design fault he said).

I use a UKGSER forum and various riders had mentioned Cymarc might have a way fixing this problem.

Being a practical sort of bloke, I thought I could make something up, but when I saw that it would need to be rust resistant and light and probably made from stainless, I decided I didn’t have the time or energy.

The ideal product for me would provide a heatshield for the number plate and a spray reducer, but Cymarc had two products for this purpose.

I contacted Cymarc via their Facebook page and within 24 hours they said they said they could make up a single plate that acted as a heatshield and a spray deflector based on two of their existing items.

Less than a week after contacting them, I fitted it to my bike. I have the standard pannier mounting system and the Cymarc plate has elongated mounting holes to allow you to clear this. My number plate has been mounted by the dealer a bit low (they drilled the plate) but I need to replace that as it has now got a 5cm by 3cm delaminated area and looks rubbish anyway).

It’s really refreshing to get to speak to real engineers and bikers who actively solve fellow bikers problems.

This is a great product and I only wish I had fitted it when I had the bike from new.

Thanks Cymarc!