GSA LC Valve Cover Guards

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Protect your expensive valve covers from a range of drops and falls! Our Valve Cover Guards quickly clamp onto your crash bars and provide excellent protection!

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Fits the look of the bike
  • Protects your valve covers from nasty looking scrapes

These were made for a client wanting some protection for the valve covers located either side of the engine. Made from 2mm thick high-quality aluminium, hand-finished and powder coated satin black

They are held in place using strong rubber nitrile lined stainless steel P Clamps and come with suggested fitting instructions based on personal experience!

Our Valve Cover Guards will afford protection to drops, scrapes and dings which would otherwise result in some nasty, costly damage to the valve head. Far cheaper than a replacement stock part!

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Glenn  /  N. Yorks

Hopefully never needed

I ordered these after researching all makes and deciding that the engineering quality, local availability, potential help if I have any issues and price from Cymarc was the best choice. I fitted them yesterday and hopefully they will never be tested but they do look and feel that they will do what’s necessary.

I have the 2017 model so I did have a bit of extra faff because of the rubber thingies on the crash bars. The instructions say to remove the rubber insert on that clamp to let the clamp slide a little under the bar rubber.....I did not do that, instead, I cut about 3/8 of the clamp insert where it would come against the bar rubber and fitted like that. I wanted to retain the rubber insert both to protect the bars, looks better and does provide some custion for the cover against the bars. Other choices I made that were not in the instructions but may be obvious if your not a numpty like me - I put the washers on the bolt then the bolt through the plate....I put the clamps with the flat side near the plate and the inclined side (you will understand when you see them) inside . I used a 3 inch long open/ring spanner on the bolts and although fiddly was not actually too bad. The toughest bit is aligning the plate to how you want it and jiggle the claps accordingly....not a lot of wiggle room but worth doing.