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GS + GSA LC Adjustable Screen Strengthening Brackets

£36.67 (ex. VAT)
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Fits R1200 and R1250, GS and GSA LC models - They do not fit Pre- LC models.

Well, I got the new R1250GS Rallye and noticed straight away that on full extension the screen  still oscillates like a bugger when going over even the slightest rough surface. Now I`m sure this is absolutely fine but I prefer to have the screen stiffened up so it doesn`t flap around like a sail in a force ten gale.

So I`ve come up with a pair of brackets. Firstly I tried just the one bracket but the other side of the unsupported screen just carried on flapping away so I have made one for each side. The brackets anchor onto the lower screen brace assembly using two good M6 anchor points and extend up, cunningly curving around the satnav bracket. They then attach to a bracket (one each side) which bolts onto the screen itself. Its all held firmly in place by an adjustable thumb screw for easy and quick adjustment. There is no drilling by the way as the brackets all use existing mounting points.

Both assemblies are fully adjustable over the range of movement of the screen so all you have to do is get the screen to the right angle for you then fasten both thumb screws and the screen `wobbling` is drastically reduced!

Made in stainless including the fasteners with the fasteners on the bracket being `captive` to help with assembly.

Top Tip!: When installing we noticed that it makes it a bit easier (but it isn't necessary) to remove the front winglets and deflector. It just lets a bit more light in and gives you a bit more room! (remember to put them back on again though ay?)

check out what can happen without our brackets in the last image!

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Dave Hawke  /  Billericay

Very worthwhile!

Added this to support the standard screen on my R1250GS, and has most definitely made a big difference. Screen is much more "solid" now on the move, the only downside being of course that you have to loosen both the thumb screws to adjust the screen on the move (and be sure to do them up firmly afterwards, which with the screen on full depression can be a little awkward. But overall a worthwhile modification, so much better now the screen is nice and firm when travelling at speed.

Jim Bates  /  Farnborough

GS + GSA LC Adjustable Screen Strengthening Brackets

I ordered the kit not long after getting the bike, as the screen seemed to bounce about rather a lot. Since fitting the kit it is very stable. I was impressed with the quality and ease of fitting, simple and clear fitting instructions helped.

So a big improvement for a small price, I'm very happy to recommend the kit.

Robert Jeffries  /  Cwmbran

Perfect to keep your screen stable

Perfect to keep your screen stable. Good product and speedy delivery.

Iain MacDonald  /  Scotland

They work

Excellent quality, well manufactured product. Simple installation, excellent fit, does a great job of stabilising the standard screen when riding at speed and is a definite requirement for any taller aftermarket screen. Great company to deal with due to being a small private business.