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BUNDLE (10% OFF) - R1200GS(A) Screen Strength Brackets + Front Def. + Stainless Steel Pins

BUNDLE (10% OFF) - R1200GS(A) Screen Strength Brackets + Front Def. + Stainless Steel Pins
BUNDLE (10% OFF) - R1200GS(A) Screen Strength Brackets + Front Def. + Stainless Steel Pins
BUNDLE (10% OFF) - R1200GS(A) Screen Strength Brackets + Front Def. + Stainless Steel Pins
BUNDLE (10% OFF) - R1200GS(A) Screen Strength Brackets + Front Def. + Stainless Steel Pins
BUNDLE (10% OFF) - R1200GS(A) Screen Strength Brackets + Front Def. + Stainless Steel Pins
R1200GS(A) Screen Strengthening Brackets     -Normally £48.40

Well, I got my new GSA and noticed straight away that on full extension the screen oscillates like a bugger when going over even the slightest rough surface. Now I`m sure this is absolutely fine but I prefer to have the screen stiffened up so it doesn`t flap around like a sail in a force ten gale.

So I`ve come up with a pair of brackets. Firstly I tried just the one bracket but the other side of the unsupported screen just carried on flapping away so I have made one for each side. The brackets anchor onto the lower screen brace assembly using two good M6 anchor points and extend up, cunningly curving around the satnav bracket. They then attach to a bracket (one each side) which bolts onto the screen itself. Its all held firmly in place by an adjustable thumb screw for easy and quick adjustment. There is no drilling by the way as the brackets all use existing mounting points.

Both assemblies are fully adjustable over the range of movement of the screen so all you have to do is get the screen to the right angle for you then fasten both thumb screws and the screen `wobbling` is drastically reduced!

Made in stainless including the fasteners with the fasteners on the bracket being `captive` to help with assembly.

check out what can happen without our brackets in the last image!

R1200GS(A) LC Stainless Front Deflector 2013>2016 models     -Normally £33.00

These will fit all of the latest GSA models except for the "Rallye" Model 

I normally try to improve on good designs (or think of my own) but in this case I can`t really say that this is much more than a replacement bordering on an unabashed farkle.

This is the item as shown on my new GSA LC and is powder coated in black satin finish. The additional photo shows exactly waht you get (before powder coating) and does not come with the logo - that was a `special` I did for an overseas client.

The standard front deflector does a pretty good job with the only negative being the material its made from. I suspect that the Perspex would break easy-ish and in time look a bit shabby from all the inevitable scratches.

What I`ve made is another deflector made from stainless steel so that it looks a bit more appealing and will (and should) last a lot longer.

Its very easy to fit, still allows full function of the screen and fits really well (or should do if I`ve made it right!). It fits to the existing fastening points so there is no drilling and it uses the original BMW fasteners.

LC Stainless Steel Screen Pivot Retrofit Kit     -Normally £15.84

This issue turned out to be another `head scratcher` for me. For some mad reason BMW in their infinite wisdom uses two circlips to hold their screen pivot pins in place. This would be normally quite fine but mine broke within a few thousand miles and the pins fell out leaving me with an inoperable screen! They seemingly just `crumbled` or snapped.

I also started to hear about other lads who had the same problem - it fast became a not infrequent issue on the new LC bikes.

I replaced them with a couple of nuts and bolts but it really was a cheap crappy way to sort out the problem especially on such an expensive bike. So at last I came up with a `purpose made` shouldered pin with a hole in the end for an `R` clip. 

All made from Marine Grade stainless steel and about 5 minutes to fit. Replaces the original stuff and much more reliable.

Fits both the GS and GSA screens. 
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Great product

Very happy with this package and individual products. The windshield bracket definitely holds the windshield more securely. It was one thing that bugged me about my 2014 GSA when I bought I, not many things other than that! I also installed the black wind deflector and it looks great. The stainless pins I will hold onto and keep on the bike it case one of the O.E. Ones fails.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again

Ehren | Lofoten, Norway | January 2020

Exactly what I needed

As a tall rider I fitted a tall screen to my GS pretty soon after I got it, but the standard screen mounts are pretty flimsy; especially off-road. This product makes the screen solid under all conditions. Well made too. And you shipped to New Zealand! Thank you.

Keir Brown | New Zealand | August 2021