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ACF-50 Anti Corrosion

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We offer a comprehensive anti corrosion treatment for your cherised bike! If you ride all year this kind of thing is an absolute must as the product itself (ACF50) is currently the best (and most expensive) product on the market. Originally used in the aero industry it is now available for many other applications and it simply kills corrosion.

For me, the best feature of this stuff is that when properly applied you can ride your bike on salted roads and it will substantially reduce any corrosion. It`s possible to apply it yourself but to do it properly and well it takes several hours, requires some preparation work (including washing and drying the bike) and proper powered spray equipment.

The service we offer is as follows:
  • Bike is washed using Autoglym products
  • Bike is dried using compressed air jetting to get into all areas
  • Bike is partially stripped
  • Bike is left for around 24hrs in a heated garage with a dehumidifier to remove ALL moisture
  • Bike is prepped for spraying (disc brakes masked etc)
  • Warm ACF50 is applied using a pressurised spray system, brushes and wipes
  • Excess ACF50 is removed
  • Bike is checked and inspected
We make every effort to keep the product off the brake discs (we hand paint the product around the wheels) and after every treatment the discs are cleaned, regardless, using professional brake cleaner.

Please note that we don`t put bags over the wheels like some of our competitors - we include the wheels in the treatment, applying the ACF50 by hand brush. We also take the fuel tank off which many others don`t because of the extra time and care needed.

Price £180 inc VAT Time needed is around 4 hours.

Also for your convenience there is a Cafe to the rear of our premises on the next block which serves delicious and fresh hot and cold food for most of the working day by extremely friendly staff.

And here`s a testimonial from a recent customer!

Cymarc parts and 1st class service

"Thanks to Mark Hooton and Mike at Cymarc bike parts. Had some radiator guards, screen brackets, engine crude catcher and deflector fitted on my GS at Marks place and decided to give his ACF50 protection a go as although ive used this great stuff myself from the tin I now know my effort was a bit of a bodge job. I confess to not being great mechanically but love riding. Mark said just bring bike over and he would fit the parts free of charge and do a proper ACF50 job.
I can only say many thanks to them. He is a great bloke and they provide a excellent professional job. The parts fitted are top quality and I can recommend if you really want your bike stripping and protecting get out to Cymarc. It took 4 hours to do and was a brilliant price. There is a great cafe next door and Mark just said get what you want and put it on my account no problem ... thanks Mark and Mike"