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I have been a biker for about 30 years now and I am also the Managing Director of my own manufacturing Company ( which has some very sophisticated manufacturing technology including laser cutting equipment.

I have combined my passion for biking and my engineering resources to design and manufacture very high quality hand finished parts as an alternative to high volume, cheap & poor quality aftermarket parts from abroad. I also try to take very good original parts and improve on the design if I can.

Where everyone else has gone for taking cost out of their products, and in most cases compromising quality & service, I have gone in the other direction and put value into my parts yet still maintained very fair prices for all my work as a lot of my time is not `charged` to the work I am doing. It takes much longer to make an individual item as compared to mass producing it however I feel my prices remain fair for what I actually do. 
The result has been a phenomenal success on ebay, with premier distributors and various owners clubs around the country.

Please take a few moments to read the testimonials I have earned. This website has been the next step in the development of this `focused passion` for hand finished quality bike parts for fellow bikers.