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Brand new accessory added to the store!
A clip on/off utility box that connects to the rear pillion of the GS/A LC
This part has just left development at the request of a few customers and we are very proud of how it turned out

R1200GS/A LC Pillion Seat Clip On/Off Utility Box
V Strom 650cc & 1000cc Top Box Adaptor Bracket

V Strom 650cc & 1000cc Top Box Adaptor Bracket



This is an adaptor plate I have been working on for ages and finally sorted it out! It is made from 2mm thick quality stainless steel and, as always, is hand finished by me.

The problem with the Suzuki top box was that when mounted it was very uncomfortable for a pillion to lean against and also impossible to get the seat off. This bracket fits the 650cc models and the 1000cc models and once fitted allows the seat to be more easily removed and gives the pillion some extra room.

My adaptor plate relocates the box 80mm to the rear of the rack and uses the existing shoe, rubber mounts and fasteners in addition to some additional stainless fasteners which come with it.

It is easy to fit with only a basic knowledge of DIY required. All you simply do is re drill the two original mounting holes 80mm to the rear of the Suzuki rack, change over the shoe and rubber mounts to my adaptor plate then fit the adaptor plate to the Suzuki rack.

The adaptor plate will come with full fitting instructions.

The adaptor plate also comes with a laser profiled `V` logo because it looks good!


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