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Brand new accessory added to the store!
A clip on/off utility box that connects to the rear pillion of the GS/A LC
This part has just left development at the request of a few customers and we are very proud of how it turned out

R1200GS/A LC Pillion Seat Clip On/Off Utility Box


Motorcycle diagnostics carried out by a team that really understands, because we ride bikes too!
Let our staff get to the root of your fault quickly and efficiently; so you don't waste time or money on misguided diagnosis.

We invest in good equipment; like the innovative HEX GS911 diagnostic tools, so that we can provide an efficient fault finding service.

You can rely on us to never spend your money without your prior approval. We will always ask for your permission before we carry out any tests or repair work.

We have a very simple ethos at Cymarc - We always treat people in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves!

In general our labour rates are around 30% cheaper than most main dealers, which ensures you get top quality service and value for money.

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